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Welcome to Encore.  Our team name is CHAMPS (Computers, Health, Art, Music, Phys Ed., Spanish and French).  There are two to four teachers in each subject area.  We see all of the Greenbriar students on a rotating basis with Red, White, or Blue days.

Our grading is different due to seeing the students approximately 14 times per quarter.  We grade by using O (Outstanding), S+, S (Satisfactory), S- or U (Unsatisfactory).

Here's a list of our CHAMPS teachers by subject:

Computers - Mrs. Cipollone and Miss James

Health - Mr. Reed and Miss Zippilli

Art - Ms. Drury and Ms. Foss

Music - Ms. Golenski, Mr. Jasczyk, and Mr. Scheufler

Phys Ed - Mr. Porach and Mr. Semon

Spanish - Mrs. Carpenter (Spanish) and Ms. Renteria-Merced